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The first feature that really caught my attention was the cut list report. It makes getting a detailed cut list simple and easy by offering both a text file and a .csv file option.


Any shop using a table saw stands to save a significant amount of money by optimizing your cutting diagrams. Now, for CNC users the optimizer is optional simply because of the CAM software that comes pre-programmed with your machine. Every cabinet shop must eventually deal with more than just measurements.

When using the Pro100 Software in tandem with Cut List Gold Optimizer you can stream line the process of calculating things such as job costing, pricing, material consumption, labor hours, as well as shipping and handling, and other indirect costs like overhead, and contingency.

The combined force of the Pro100 and Cut List Optimizer is guaranteed to save your shop time, resources, and save the users a lot of headaches.

Courtesy of Janay Crane

Table Saw Users:

Notice when you generate cut list using Pro100 software, the initial file output is a text file. This file can be saved and converted to a comma delimited file also known as CSV file format. Learn how to generate a cut list  and familiarize yourself with the program.

If you have a cabinet shop using table saw, optimizing your cutting diagrams can save you significant amount of time and money. CNC users may not need an optimizer because the machines come with CAM software that will automatically and intelligently optimize your cutting for you. This process is also known as nesting in CNC terms. The big question is, how do you calculate job costing and pricing with accurate reports?

Cabinet Makers

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Cabinet makers face various challenges besides making sure that all measurements in the drawings are accurate. If you make custom cabinets, accurate job costing and pricing includes material consumption, labor hours, shipping and handling and may be more. There are other indirect costs as mentioned above by Janay such as overhead amount, contingency etcetera. 

To eliminate all these time-consuming calculations, we highly recommend using Pro100 software alongside Cut List Gold Optimizer.

Cut List Plus Gold Optimizer is a 3rd party program that we sell separately for $295 and works very well with Pro100 software. It is optional and can be purchased as needed. A lot of our customers who are cabinet makers use it to optimize layouts for plywood, lumber and other sheet materials.

Save the time you spend keeping timesheets and details of materials used on every job. It will give you a faster and smarter way to optimize your sheets. The overall functionality will increase your per-job profitability in a great deal.

We have sold to experienced cabinet makers who are big advocates of understanding the costs of cabinet making. Majority agree that a good job costing and pricing software can slice and dice these variables in no time. Pocket calculators, papers and pencils are great, however, match the convenience or productivity.

You will quickly notice an improved labor productivity if you have the right software.


  • Easily and quickly generate optimized sheet layouts that makes the most efficient use of your materials in no time.
  • Save money with less wasted material.
  • Save time generating cutting diagrams
  • Manage your inventory and vendor supply costs

Streamline your workflow by using the free iPhone, iPad and Android viewer apps included when you purchase. You obviously will not need your computer everywhere in the shop. Use your mobile

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