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Cabinet Makers

Learning AutoCAD if you don’t have much time to dedicate is not realistic for a small cabinet shop. There are several programs in the market that you may have come across already and while angles and curves can certainly be tricky, Pro100 takes care of this issue and many other.

For a first time user, you would like to spend little time building your catalog or library including door styles, face frame and frameless, molding details and so on. You would like to work with flooring, walls, and drawer parts and achieve accurate cut lists at the same time. 

If you are a cabinet maker, you would typically use 1 ¼” wide stile, and a 1 ¾’ wide top rail, 1 ½” wide rail between top drawer and lower doors. However, it is common to find stock cabinets with ½” overlay followed by 1 ¼’ overlay. Stiles and rails are always 1 ½’ thick. This video demonstrates how you can use Pro100 software to design your own creative custom-made base cabinet. The video below does not include all the details as far as center rails and stiles because of time. We try to give you the proof of concept.

The nice thing about Pro100 is; once you build for example one base cabinet with two doors, you can add it into your new catalog. You then resize it and save it again as an 18”, 24”, and 33” cabinets. There is no need to repeat the same process over again. Corner base or any other angle cabinets cannot just be resized by stretching. You will need your simple arithmetic and with the help of our angle cabinets calculations, you will achieve the same wonderful results.

As a cabinet maker, the only time you will worry about dressing up your finished project is when you are ready to present it to your customer. This will be the perfect time to utilize photorealistic features such as lighting, reflections, color schemes and much more. Using Pro100 as a designer, will enable you nail down all the details of your project.

Kitchen Cabinet Dealers

Starting a dealership is a rewarding experience if you have Pro100 software. If you would like to become an effective dealer, get started by considering your budget. Do you want to have a showroom and a warehouse? A little research beforehand can save you time and money. You do not have to worry about setting up your showroom by purchasing a manufacturer’s software. Most of them are not in the business of selling cabinet software to begin with.

They may want you to use software that does not fit your budget and has a steep learning curve. The whole experience may cost you more money, for example, yearly subscriptions, training and so forth. There will be a lot of tasks screaming for your attention. Cutting corners will overwhelmingly support the fact that you have inadequate tools for success.

Pro100 offers lifetime updates, training and technical support. The program comes with a USB dongle key. The biggest advantage of this is you can install the program in your home computer, laptop and work computer. Basically you can install it in as many computers as you like. All you need is your dongle key to continue designing where you left off. It only costs $2,500 and we have affordable pricing structure to help you get started. Try the demo

Check on different manufacturer's recommended software and their catalogs and see if they have what it takes to jump start your business. Pro100 is different, it works with any catalog. No yearly subscription and you can use it for countertops, closets layouts, CNC software, garage furniture. You can create any catalog from any manufacturer even if they do not have one. You can become an authorized dealer for multiple manufacturers if you have Pro100 and still have the choice to go with stock, semi-custom and custom.

Determine whether you are going with framed or frameless cabinets and consider the features. Evaluate your long term goals. Will you be interested in dealing closets as well? Good news is; you can use the same package you already purchased including CNC machine. See some of our active users.

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