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No matter what part you play in either the design or construction industry, visuals matter. The Pro100 software has some very strong offerings in that arena.

You are not only able to construct, design and price your projects, they give you the ability to put together a realistic and professional visualization for your clients. Along with an impressive array of colors, textures, and materials for your graphics, they make arranging and viewing your finished projects simple.
Pro100 offers 5 different display modes, all of which let you shade, contour, and add translucency to your room. You will also find that you appreciate being able to change the perspective at which you view the renderings.

The Pro100 software comes with a huge selection of preprogrammed graphics for any design or construction job you might have. From cabinet panels to the handles to open them, you are provided with an array of models, materials, and parts at your disposal. This software also comes with an added advantage by giving all of the aforementioned parts their own properties window, so the user has total control over all of those ever-important details of their design.

The Kray rendering software is a very exciting new software that takes the Pro100’s visuals to a whole new level. It gives you picture perfect graphics for your finished projects. You can now export your finished designs to Kray and in second you have beautiful, professional renderings of your work.

Being able to present your clients hyper realistic models of your designs makes it that much easier to close deals and make sure your work is represented in the best light at every stage of production.

Overall, Pro100 software is a great asset to have on hand for pretty much every step of your construction or design process but being able to execute control of every factor of the design, as well as now being able to pair it with the Kray rendering software, really sets Pro100 apart.

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