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Corporate offices today are specifically designed to draw a professional, modern aura with the main purpose of impressing and attracting prospective clients. Creativity is often at the forefront of a sleek office design. The key to designing a perfect office space is to identify the functions of the room. Pro100 software can help you achieve that.

First, you will need a good plan to ensure that you meet your client’s needs within budget and in a timely manner. Prepare a list that includes the functions of the room, and items your client will need for that particular room. These items may include projectors, whiteboards or extra furniture. See samples below.

With Pro100 software, you will not need to speak to a professional during the planning phase. All you need is the room size to get the project started. Pro100 enables you to ensure items such as desks have power stations in each one of them. In fact, everything is successfully incorporated within your design process for the room, and can be customized by functionality i.e. for office work, educational meetings, seminars etcetera.

If you are working with a client in the healthcare industry, a perfectly crafted color scheme is essential. Determine the hues during the design process best- suited for the space being done by choosing from the texture catalog. Flooring with appropriate color and material can all be presented with a click of the mouse.

Pro100 is equipped with a ready-made library of office accessories such as supplies, furniture, decors and much more. If you are an office dealer or authorized office dealer, you will realize that the perception of value takes less time because you can easily change variables or features, such as lighting, windows, ceiling color, doors and just about anything the client requires.

Ordering from your manufacturer or an online merchant is great but you might be disappointed as soon as you open the package and notice something is amiss. For example, the furniture may not match the fresh paint job that you already completed. With Pro100 design software, you will not have this unfortunate experience. Office design is made simpler, with a realistic representation and is less time consuming.

Pro100 software enables you to achieve an adaptive solution for a human- centered work environment. As a professional, you want to design a sleek office space that also draws comfort and have the right amenities to guarantee customer satisfaction. See our gallery to see some of our latest designs.

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