Frameless Cabinet Construction


Frameless base cabinets are built for kitchen, bathroom, office spaces etcetera. They are usually easy to build and affordable if you have a cabinet shop.


In terms of storage space, they are much better than frame cabinets and have a clean contemporary look. Using Pro100 software will enable you to give it more elaborate doors to achieve a traditional look if you so choose. Pro100 design software provides the option to design a virtual cabinet box that has doors, drawers, and shelving simply by a click of the mouse.

The cabinet base is designed depending on how you make your own cabinets. There are generally four different ways to build the base of your lower frameless cabinets. You can choose the Standard Base, Standard No Toe Kick, Adjustable Cabinet Legs or Separate Base platform. The back of the cabinets can be also constructed in different ways as you desire, i.e. Full Back, Nailer Back or 1/4" Back with Nailers. Pro100 will let you calculate cabinet component dimensions, and you can build a custom library of cabinets by simply copying the first one, resize it and give it a new name. You can also make plain slab doors out of the same or different material, build adjustable shelves and include edge banding within the program.

Complete drawer box construction can seem challenging if you use hand drawing to finish your projects. With a few simple measurements, determine whether you want ½ or 5/8 plywood for the sides. Click on a new ¼ inch new element for plywood and this will be your bottom. Notice that there are many different ways to build drawer boxes, some require special tools and skills. Pro100 will make any type of your creative design easy and flawless. See the following video to give you a better sense of how you can quickly build a drawer box.  Pro100 will help you save time and money and produce excellent quality designs.


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