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Kitchen Flooring Designs

Kitchen flooring options  to consider when remodeling your home  may involve deciding between the current and available flooring options. That holds true even more so when you start talking kitchens. Depending on your desired design, color scheme, and how high traffic your kitchen generally is, you have three major flooring choices that you debate between.

Laminate floors are a cost effective solution for a remodel on a budget. You get all the same opportunity for customization and color that you do with other flooring. The ease of installation allows for DIY remodelers to save money on labor as well as product. You do however sacrifice longevity. These floors don’t have the staying power of hardwood or the durability of ceramic.

Hardwood floors are a classic yet modern option for your kitchen. Wood can be delicate and over time  have to take into account. Things like refinishing and sanding to keep the proper color and hold any blemishes or knicks at bay. On the other hand, it provides the option to change up the stain and make way for a new and updated color scheme without total floor replacement.

Ceramic tile are a gorgeous addition to any space be it an eclectic spanish style villa or a posh minimalist townhome. Ceramic tile is simultaneously cost effective and durable. Using a pattern printed tile, or a custom color layout adds a pop of color and a sense of individuality to your kitchen as well. Ceramic tiles will go the distance and certainly add value to an otherwise mundane flooring design. Read more about selecting floor tiles.

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