Kitchen Base Cabinet Sinks


Cutting a Hole in a Countertop for the Sink

Installing your kitchen or bathroom sink can be a challenge if you don’t have the right tools. Pro100 is an excellent program to complete this job for you. You can always order your countertops pre-cut which will include a hole for your sink, but this would be a good idea only if your measurements are done with precision.  


There is no better tool than Pro100 to hammer down the details for you especially if you are custom cabinet maker.

Before you begin, navigate to the “Tools” menu then scroll down to preferences and click on units to set a reasonable unit. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you are located. There is an option for inches and millimeters, fractional or decimals.

You can set your precision up to 1/256th of an inch, however, we suspect you are not launching a rocket anytime soon. If you do, please give us a ride.

Most sinks normally come with a paper template anyways  which will help you outline the cutting area in order for you complete the task.

Select a suitable Jigsaw for your project unless you are dealing with a special material that requires a different approach. The good news is; Pro100 is still one of your required tools for any type of cutting and installation process including CNC machine.

It does not matter what you have, Pro100 will handle the situation. Please take a moment to watch the video below on how you can cut a hole in a countertop for the sink. You will then transfer the whole design work in action. Please see one our customersour customers using Pro100 solely for countertops. Pro100 will let your price your material consumption, and calculate job costing for you.

Types of  Kitchen Sinks and the styles.

Todays’s kitchen sinks are made out various materials. The huge assortment of materials just make anybody confused unless you are in the industry of selling sinks.

Cast Iron is one of the oldest and Pro100 can still give you the precise photo realistic image that you need to present to your prospect buyer. You can build any shape of base cabinet that will fit any sink out there. That is possible simply because Pro100 is a custom design software that does not go by standards. Whether you are fitting in granite, cast iron, stainless steel,  fireclay, single or double bowl, it does not matter.

The type that we really wanted to talk about here is the farmhouse sink. We have been getting increasing requests to create a catalog or design these types of sinks.  Farmhouse sinks also known as Apron sinks were originally designed for comfort and elegance. The style and orientation eliminates or separate the apron from staining the users clothes when leaning forward. It basically prevents the water damaging the sink cabinet countertop.

Pro100 will let you stretch the sinks depth hence achieve the desired measurements for your cabinet. The appearance is pretty whether it is made out of fireclay, stainless steel copper, etc. Most people prefer them to undermount or top mount sinks. This software has thousands of materials to give you the good picture. It is thought to be tedious and challenging to install, but with Pro100, your precise measurements are well taken care of.

Farmhouse sink blend style and functionality into one scrulptural form. You can get exact image and show it to your prospect before you close a sale.

You can import ready made 3D objects including sinks from other CAD programs into Pro100, design and generate a cut list.  Some of the common base sink cabinets that is readily available include: -

  • Single Bowl
  • Double Bowl
  • Farmhouse
  • Top Mount

All the above mentiones sink styles can be designed from scratch using Pro100 software. See images below. Download Pro100 Demo



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