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 When remodeling a kitchen in an older home, ugly challenges are bound to pop up. It is extremely important to protect yourself from possible toxic workspace. What do I mean by this? Please read on.


Older homes, especially the ones built prior to ban of lead paint in 1978 are known to harbor numerous hazards that can range from lead paint, asbestos, radon or any other volatile compounds that are harmful to human health. This is because back in the days, there were no proper building codes or regulations. There are still many homes that contain some of these compounds today.

Using Pro100 software as your design tool will not remove toxic compounds in your kitchen, but it provides 3D visual of the entire space and systematic approach for making decisions. You may want to remove or reconfigure walls in order to expand the space. This can be done in minutes just by moving elements accross the virtual walls, resizing and giving it the approprite dimensions. The whole user-experience is no where near rocket science, it is the easiest kitchen design software in the market today. 

The software will help you enhance the kitchen with the right cabinetry and decorative accents. You will end up with an efficient and spacious kitchen designed in minutes even when working with significant structural changes. There are simply no messups. Download the demo and try it today.

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