Reflect Character in Kitchen Design


Kitchen design is a reflection of one’s character and has since evolved over the years and continues to do so as lifestyles change. Any kitchen can be filled with beautiful pieces with aesthetic finishes but if the layout and space do not work, it is not a successful design.

A well thought-out space plan and layout of the kitchen are critical steps in a good kitchen design.PRO100 software will help you develop a schematic plan and get an estimate on cost of a remodel. This is an efficient way to keep track of the budget while you finalize the design. 

Remodeling a kitchen can appear daunting but one essential kitchen design concept to consider is the work triangle. This is an age-old concept which encompasses three main work spaces; the stovetop, sink and refrigerator. Most designers consider it the best kitchen layout because it saves time and energy. The three points and the imaginary lines between them are what make up the work triangle.

Back in the day, the kitchen area was only used for cooking. Today, kitchens are much larger and serve more than one purpose besides cooking. It has become the main hub of the home, where kids can do their homework, guests can be entertained, as the kitchen often share space with the dining and living room areas.

When using the work triangle concept, note that the decades-old rule can be bent to incorporate your client’s wishes. The most important thing to remember is to make sure that the lines of the triangle aren't blocked by items such as trashcans, islands, tables which will hinder easy movement within the kitchen. It is advisable to keep the main cooking areas confined to one part of the kitchen to free up the rest of the kitchen space for other purposes.

The most important phase in kitchen design or remodel is the initial step of space-planning and schematic design. Go over your client’s wish list and encourage them to provide you with a collection of inspiration designs. This will help you get started quickly, however try to focus more on the space plans before getting too caught up in the final outcome. Find out the best layout for their space.

Will an L-shape kitchen with an island work or perhaps a U-shape kitchen? Also ask your client what functions they want their kitchen to serve. This will help determine what and where to place items such as a table, an island, multiple sinks etc. What are some features that your client dislikes about their current kitchen? What features can be added or removed within the budget? These questions will help you figure out how to organize the workspaces within the triangle format

After space-planning, the next step is to develop the plan with elevations and 3D illustrations. Pro100 software allows you to be more artistic with cabinet design. It is likened to modernist art because of how the rectangles and squares of cabinet doors relate and intersect. You can also select different types of finishes to visualize what materials will be used and where they will be placed.

Pro100 software has a collection of libraries and optional catalogs that come with standard cabinets, appliances, fixtures, windows, flooring and even home decor objects like plants to choose from. It is an intuitive program that is easy to use and therefore makes your design process easier. Do great things with Pro100 interior design software.

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