Shop Drawing With Pro100 Software


Pro100 can produce a shop drawing or set of drawings for custom cabinet makers, closet makers and much more. In fact, it doesn’t matter what industry, as long as you can use Pro100 to create your own custom objects then you will be able to have a detailed drawing with dimensions.

While not all designs demands preparation of {modal images/pro100-shop-drawing.jpg|width=640|height=480}shop drawing{/modal}, those that do may have unique challenges. To the construction industry, this is a must-have software feature. The main goal is to make sure the actual items are properly and safely constructed. When using Pro100 design softwarePro100 design software, you will need know how to use specific features in order automate the whole process.

Shop drawing involves temporarily ungrouping an object after making sure the parts are named correctly and the design is complete. You can show the parts' dimensions by clicking on {modal images/measuring-icons.jpg|width=464|height=429}Add Vertical line or Add Horizontal line icons.{/modal} Create resizable objects if you do a lot of custom work. This way you do not have to go back and forth adjusting dimensions by removing the locks.

Grouping and ungrouping is a feature that is heavily used to generate reports for objects or specific parts of an object such as cut lists, door lists, cabinet lists, drawer lists and so forth. Essentially, you can have {modal images/custom-reports.jpg|width=713|height=536}customized reports{/modal} using Pro100.

Once your design work is complete and saved, select the parts that you want to display dimensions on by going to the structure menu. First, click on the icon for horizontals in order to display dimensions. Move on the for verticals and repeat the same process. You should be able to see your dimensions on the screen and have the ability to delete specific ones if you like. Naming is very important in this process, because whatever you call any part is what you will see in your reports. It will not work if your parts are not properly named or grouped incorrectly.

For example, it is illogical to group a drawer front with a side panel, instead group it with drawer handle. You always want to have a meaningful data and user-friendly report for your contractor. As a custom cabinet maker or closet manufacturer, you will quickly realize how  helpful Pro100 software is.

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