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A well-organized kitchen is often the most cost effective and simple way of turning an over-crowded kitchen into a sleek and serene space that everyone can enjoy. Here are 3 tips I found while on my own journey to stylize and organize my kitchen.

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Just Hanging Around

Free up space by utilizing space that may otherwise just be dead air. Wall hooks can be used for anything from linens to pans and can help save precious drawer space in small kitchens.

Suspended storage is another great way to use wasted space. Hanging storage is great for things like specialty pans and dishes, or appliances that maybe just don't see everyday use.

Hooks inside your cabinets provide you with a simple, orderly way to store mugs, you can also install them under your cabinets to hold things hot pads and dish towels

Lights, Camera, Action

The right lighting can be the key to bringing a bit of brightness and a bit of openness to your kitchen. Placing lights inside your cabinets and drawers takes all the guesswork out of late night organizing, and keeps what could be otherwise dark, dull counters and counters nice and sunny.

Use a kitchen design software that allows you to place with the lighting placements before you start the install, so you know you’ll have a picture-perfect finish. Use lights to define the focal point in your kitchen. A well - placed chandelier above a custom island, or a row of spotlights above a stunning bay window can prevent an otherwise well-planned space from getting lost. Good lighting could be the key to a chic, centered kitchen.

If you're dealing with limited space, or a layout that feels crowded, use symmetry and lighting to give the idea of space without a remodel. Placing a mirror on two opposite walls with some matching walls sconces does wonders for cramped spaces by adding depth and light to a small space.

A Place for Everything

Turn a cluttered, disheveled pantry into any cooks dream by simply adding a few labeled bins or baskets to your shelves. By giving everything its own space, you’ll be able to better utilize your space, saving you time, and giving you an aesthetically divine but positively simple solution.

Using open shelves for appliance storage and even for decor is a great way to clear cluttered counters. That open line of sight adds a crisp edge to any kitchen space. Using my Pro100 software it was quick and easy to design, price, and render shelves that fit my kitchen perfectly.

Corner desks and shelves are great ways to use empty space and keep all your miscellaneous items from over running your drawers and cabinets. Turn an otherwise unused corner into a workstation, or even use the shelves to grow your own spice garden, plant peppermint and rosemary to add a splash of color and a hint of beautiful scent to your kitchen.

A beautiful kitchen is the heart of any beautiful home. Design and creativity meet to provide style and functionality that can be so hard to find.






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