Pricing your Catalog

If you are a cabinet or closet maker, you definitely need a job estimating tool to calculate your project. Every job is different and so is the time spent to complete the task. An optimized cutting diagram can save you significant amount of time and money once you lay your hands on a good job costing software.

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Pro100 gives you the ability to provide ideal solutions quickly and efficiently. Since you sell ready-mades, catalog creation and pricing is an essential part of this program. The cabinets or closetscan be created, priced and cataloged. You can even price accessories such as hinges, knobs, handles etc. Your fininshed library can be used in a showroom and shared among the sales representatives.  

The good news is; it does not matter what kind of finishes or door styles you are making in your shop. Pro100 will let you reproduce your exact material from the manufacturer or the way you make them in your shop. In fact you can build an entire catalog of what you sell. Please see the video on below on how to price your catalog.

Pricing your RTA Cabinets

Custom Cabinet Cost & Estimate Guide

Custom cabinet makers face the challenge of choosing the best tool or method to calculate or estimate the cost of custom work. Using the right software will eliminate a lot of messups and bring smiles on your customer's face. After spending so much time trying to estimate the cost of each cabinet box in detail, you should probably wonder if there is a better way or method to price any cabinet work.

Any experienced cabinetmaker or anyone in similar industry knows that calculating a quote based on a cut list is not really an ideal way, it is never accurate. There are several factors to consider such as cost of labor, materials, overhead, bad weather and of course profit. Some of these factors may also include transportation. It makes no sense to have no job costing and pricing tool for your cabinet work. 

When you purchase Pro100 as a cabinet maker, you get the Cut List Plus included in the package. Cut List Plus will help you price your cabinets based on material consumption or you can price them per piece. 

Pricing by Material Consumption - Using Cut List Plus (Cabinet Shop)