The Shape Editor

What is the Shape Editor?

Pro100 is a powerful design tool that comes equipped with a Shape Editor that allows you to create and manipulate irregular shapes with ease. This advanced tool offers a variety of shape-drawing tools such as lines, arcs, circles, rectangles, and polygons, enabling you to draw custom shapes that fit your project requirements perfectly.

The Shape Editor's user-friendly interface allows even beginners to use it with relative ease. It offers numerous customization options that enable you to modify existing shapes by adding or removing points, increasing or decreasing their curvature, changing their size, among other features. This tool's versatility eliminates the need to rely on preset shapes, enabling you to get creative with your designs. Learn how to use the shape editor

One of the outstanding features of Pro100's Shape Editor is its ability to quickly create symmetrical shapes with ease. You can mirror, flip, or rotate existing shapes to create symmetrical shapes that will enhance your design and impress your clients. Additionally, the Shape Editor allows you to edit multiple shapes simultaneously, saving you time and making your design process more efficient.

Pro100's Shape Editor does not only create and modify irregular shapes, but it also offers advanced features such as the ability to blend or morph different shapes, resulting in many exciting design possibilities. You can apply these features to create unique designs that stand out from typical design templates.

The Shape Editor also has advanced features such as the ability to quickly create symmetrical shapes and edit multiple shapes at once. With Pro100's Shape Editor, you can easily create and customize any kind of irregular shape you need for your design project.

Examples of Shape Editor in Use

90 Degrees Wall Corner Cabinet


Designing Crown Molding:


Designing a Panel Raised Door


Modular Closet Designs