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This is the single most asked question that we get in e-mails and calls. Yes, but with a little inconvenience for a novice. We have quite a good number of existing clients using similar set up. Since Apple’s transition to Intel processors in 2006, Windows applications run beautifully on the Mac. Every currently shipped Mac qualifies, but older Macs may not. Please check your system profile in "About This Mac" to ensure what you need to run Windows. Read More.

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We recommend a two button mouse preferably one with a scroll wheel. Also make sure your computer has a USB port. You can use a touchscreen PC or Mac, but we don't support it.

It is easy to generate a cut list. PRO100 is the only program that we know of that creates the cut list as you create the parts. It has a “What You See Is What You Get” cut list features. Please refer to the tutorial video link.

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If you sell ready-made, or build from scratch, you can add that line of sale into your catalog

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Yes in fact you can turn on and off dimensions several places in the program. Please look at our help file under help topics menu.

You can easily use .jpg or .bmp file in Pro100. All you have to do is add the picture to a folder under Textures. Then when you are in Pro100 you just drag the picture and place it on an object, floor, ceiling, wall, etc. No importing just drag and drop.

Click on the Element button then click on the floor or wall depending on the object you want to create. If you want to shape the object, click on the object then click shape editor. You will put several elements together to create an object like a cabinet, chair, bed, etc. Refer to the help topics in pro100

The new Pro100 version will let you directly import 3D Object file (.obj). If you have a library of other 3D CAD files for example, DXF and DWG we can help i with the conversion process. Just send us the file you want to convert to our .med file format and we will send it back to you. There is a charge if you want a lot of them converted.

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Absolutely! You can also run Pro100 version 4 as well.

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You probably don't have the latest updates for pro100. Please please check to see you are running the latest version. Otherwise feel free to contact us

12. I bought a new computer, how do I transfer my catalog and all my projects?

A sure way of not running into problems is first, install a fresh copy of pro100 software in your new computer/ tablet. Then copy, not 'cut' the entire pro100 folder from your old computer, depending on the size, be sure to prepare enough space to accommodate all files. A flash drive is a perfect tool for this or you may use any other media like external hard drive for this process. You can get a flash drive from your local computer store or Walmart store if you live in North America. Save it in the flash drive by pasting it in there, go to your new computer and replace the existing new pro100 folder with the old one in your flash drive. Depending on which Windows you are running, the system will keep prompting you if you want to replace some files. Check the box that says "...perform this action to all files..." Done!

13. How do I share PDF?

If you are running MS Windows 10, all you have to do is open the document and click print. choose "Microsoft Print to PDF" option

Yes you can. Go to Tools>Preferences>Display. Here you can change font size and make everything smaller.
Labeling print adjustment can be done here too. Two ways you can print in Pro100. 1. Go to File>Print or 2. File>Export>Image

You will need to use the shape editor to perform this task. Please see the link

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