Beginner's Guide

This page will walk you through the basic steps on how to use Pro100 as a beginner. We assume you already installed the program and ready to go. This applies to both demo and full versions.

How to Use Pro100 Software

Beginner’s Guide:

Double click the Pro100 icon to start the program. Notice a welcome screen appears with 4 options to choose from.

Welcome Pro100 window

You can a start by clicking on one of the following: -

  • New project
  • Open project
  • New from template
  • Last opened

Because you are a beginner, please start with new project. Your next screen below is the project properties window.

Project Properties

Fill out the project properties to reference this project later. You can skip order# field. Under room properties, you can set up the dimensions based on the space you are working on. You can build standard or angled walls. The technique is the same as standard and angled cabinets.

Room dimensions

Click ok and a virtual room defined by a grid is displayed in 3D. If this is the first time using the demo or full version, check to see that you have your catalog and other tools docked for easy access. Take a moment and familiarize yourself with docking menus. It is the same technique as docking your programs in Windows taskbar.

Note that you also have an option to use the auto-hide feature or pin it whenever you need it.

Dockig your catalog


How to dock your Catalog and Tools.

First-Timer User Video

Align, Move and Clone.


Design elevations

On the lower left corner of the screen, you will see the above icons with Perspective highlighted. This is the 3D Elevation. Hold down your left click anywhere in the room and drag your cursor around the screen. You are now able to control angle views in 3D. Go to catalog and find a cabinet or any object. Highlight it then drag and drop into the virtual room against the north wall. Once the item is in the room, right click to see drop down menu. Each menu will perform the displayed action to the highlighted object(s) in the room.  

You may now begin to create your first design. Please note that the grid is usually 12"x 12" but this can be changed by visiting Tools, Preferences then click on Edit. Set it to whatever measurement you like.


Pro100 has simple drag and drop interface which makes drawing easy and saves a lot of time. It does really help your clients and contractors visualize and share interactive projects both in photorealistic high definition screenshots and a virtual tour of the actual project also known as panorama.

If you are a closet maker or have a cabinet shop, begin your first design by clicking on new element button. Familiarize yourself with the element/material thickness as you drop it on the floor or wall.


Using the positioning feature, you can determine how far any object is from any wall or other objects. We recommend always to be on position 0,0,0. That is zero distance from the left corner of your north wall. This will ensure easy alignments, grouping, resizing, distribution, importing objects and naming.

Cabinet Makers:

Base cabinet, Toekick Separate. 


Base cabinet, Toekick Cut-Out 

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