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If you have been shopping around for a professional design tool or kitchen design software, please read on and take a moment to download the demo for a test drive. Shopping online for kitchen software can sometimes be a daunting task because there are a number of varieties of programs available. 

Think of your clients who want their kitchen redone. You will need to learn what they want in their kitchen and Pro100 will do the rest. The secret to discovering the software that is right for you is to evaluate it yourself: try it out and ask questions to determine whether it works for you. Give us a call 574-303-4764 or you can send us a message right here

Most of the operations connected with designing can be done quickly and easily with a mouse - just as if you were playing with building blocks. Another convenience are the tool bars that contain some of the most useful commands, e.g.: move to, flip, align or rotate. Each element of the project has its own properties window, where you can specify all the characteristics: name, dimensions, type of material, assignment to a specific report group, price, etc. All of these features make up a powerful tool that help the designer in his work.

The designed interior can be seen from seven different views (including the perspective 3D view). In each view the program can automatically show the dimensions of the interior. There are five view modes: wire frame, sketch, colors, textures and full, photo realistic visualization. In each mode you can switch on different effects, like: semi-transparence, contours or shading. All changes are immediately reflected in all modules of the program - list of elements, calculations and all visualization modes, including photorealistic. Arranging a room takes less than 20 minutes. At each stage of your work you can freely modify all modules, add and remove handles, shelves or whole furniture and change colors of the entire project or a part of it with one mouse- click. All these features make PRO100 a perfect tool to work with.


You can do all these things using Pro100 software. See video below.



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