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If you are a cabinet or closet maker, you definitely need a job estimating tool to calculate your job. Pro100 is accurate, fast and easy to use. It is a better solution for your project. The good news is; it does not matter what kind of finishes or door styles you are making in your shop. Pro100 will let you replicate your exact material from the manufacturer. In fact you can build an entire catalog of what you sell. 

There are two ways you can achieve the same results.You can do it manually the traditional way or use a good  software.

Using Cut List Gold Optimizer 

After spending so much time trying to estimate the cost of each cabinet box in detail, you should probably wonder if there is a better way or method to price any cabinet work.Any experienced cabinetmaker or anyone in similar industry knows that calculating a quote based on a cut list is not really an ideal way, it just wont cut it.

There are several factors to consider such as cost of labor, materials, overhead, bad weather and of course profit. Some of these factors may also include transportation. It makes no sense to have no job costing and pricing tool for your cabinet work. Save the time you spend keeping the timesheets and details of materials used on every job.

We have sold to experienced cabinet makers who are big advocates of understanding the costs of cabinet making.They all agree that a good job costing and pricing software can slice and dice these variables in no time. You will quickly notice an improved labor productivity if you have the right software.

That is why we introduce you to Cut List Gold Optimizer which works flawless together with Pro100 software. The whole idea here is to quickly estimate job costs without spending hours doing it the traditional way.

Cut List Gold Optimizer is used by a lot of our customers to quickly generate cutting diagrams and estimate job costs. You can actually use the software to build your cabinets but this may not be practical since you don't have the visual aspect of the process. That is why you use Pro100 software for 3D design and rendering and when you done, the optimizer makes it even easier.

When you using Cut List Optimizer, you manually enter the data into the parts field before you finally see your layout diagram. This can be time-consuming if you are working with a big project. Please read more details.


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