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Thank you for your interest in Pro100 software. The demo is available for download and evaluation prior to purchasing the software. It does not expire and therefore take your time to play around with it. If there is any particular question or concern you may have, contact us.

You are here because you would like to know what Pro100 software can do for you. Before we begin, we assume that you have become acquainted with your computer. There are basic computer skills that one must have. While these skills might seem obvious, they are very essential in just about any applications software (also called end-user programs). These skills includes but not limited to:

  • Opening and closing files
  • Accessing a CD-ROM/USB Port
  • Locating a saved file
  • Copy and paste texts or files
  • Surf the internet and download files

The demo version you are about to try is not the final version of our software. When using it, you will come across inactive or disabled options because it is a demo. It will let you evaluate the program's capability and see how easy to use. Sample project files are included which can be used to evaluate and give you a quick overview. 

Basic Steps:

  1. Double click the Pro100 icon to start the program. Next, enter the dimension of the room into the room property display window.
  2. If this is the first time opening the program, learn how to dock your menus on the left and right side, bottom or top of your screen. Note that you also have an option to use the auto-hide feature or pin it whenever you need it.
  3. Click ok and a virtual room defined by a grid is displayed in 3D. You may now begin to create your first design. Please note that the grid is usually 12"x 12" but this can be changed by visiting Tools, Preferences then click on Edit. Set it to whatever measurement you like.
  4. If you are closet maker or have a cabinet shop, begin your first design by clicking on new element button.Familiarize yourself with the element/material thickness as you drop it on the floor or wall.
  5. Using the positioning feature, you can determine how far any object is from any wall or other objects. We recommend always to be on position 0,0,0. That is zero distance from the left corner of your north wall. This will ensure easy alignments, grouping, resizing, distribution, importing objects and naming.

Again, if you are familiar with Microsoft Windows-based applications and have the above mentioned basic computing skills, then this will be a breeze. Prior use of similar or any other cabinet design software or CAD programs means you might as well skip this page and click on the download link right away. 

Mac users, please refer to the detailed information page. Note that this software has been developed and updated based on users’ experience, evaluation, reviews and feedback. In reality, we believe there is no single perfect tool that will do everything for everyone and that is why your comments are highly appreciated whether it is negative or positive. Let us know what you think.

Pro100 is customizable to fit your industry. We have had customers ask us to modify or add features based on their needs. Let us know what you are looking for. If we can't do it, well..then we can't do it.

What are the limits of Pro100 demo version?

  • Cannot print or save projects, elements and materials into the existing ready-made catalog
  • Cannot generate cut list

This website is responsive to mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.If you have questions, ask. We get questions like, “How hard or easy learning Pro100 software?” A quick way to answer this question is to download the demo and play around with it as much as you like. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We thrive on evaluation prior to purchase. 

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