Using the Lighting Feature


We are delighted to introduce to you the new lighting feature on Pro100 software.The 3D modeling, rendering and animation is amazingly powerful.

So, let's talk about the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible, also known as light. A good picture will always sell, no matter what industry you are in. Experience the absolute photorealism using the lighting feature that Pro100 offers. You can make any given element to became light. You can control the intensity, ambience, direction, quality, lighting ratio, color and just about any thing your wild and creative mind can come up with. Have a look at the design below.

 Here are some of the new features available in Pro100 version 5

  • Mirroring in any surface
  • Speculars
  • Antialising
  • Textures normalmaps (3D textures effect)
  • Shining effect
  • Sunshine power
  • Sunshine color
  • Sunshine direction
  • Ambient light color
  • Ambient light power
  • Directional lights power
  • Directional lights lightening angle
  • Directional lights color
  • Semitransparency
  • Glowing/Fluorescence effect
  • Predefined material properties schemes
  • 3D CAD (*.obj) files import feature
  • New dimensioning tools
  • Snapping to edges and axes while moving elements
  • Snapping to edges and axes while stretching elements
  • Copying textures between elements
  • Opening textures locations
  • Color Picker

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