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macOS User:

Pro100 is a Windows-based application. Be sure you are running at least Microsoft Windows 7 or later. If you are a macOS enthusiast  read more details. Pro100 design software requires basic computer skills in order to experience the full functionality of the program. These tasks includes: -

  • Opening and closing files
  • Accessing a USB Port
  • Locating a saved file
  • Copy and paste texts or files
  • Surf the internet and download files.

Surface Pro Users

Since the launch of the Surface devices from Microsoft, we have received a number calls from people interested in running Pro100 on the tablet. One of the major complaints we noticed in the earlier days was screen flicker or program shutting down by itself. Most users  have been able to fix this problem by updating the graphic card firmware via Microsoft website or the manufacturer. Please be sure that you don't experience any of these issues before you install Pro100. Microsoft is known to fix these issues in a timely manner, see their websitesee their website.

Initial Setup after Installation
Installation process is easy and should be flawless. Follow the prompt, and the check marks, click next to continue and finish. 
Launch Pro100 software by double clicking the icon on your desktop. You can also dock the icon on your taskbar if your desktop is already clustered like mine.


IMPORTANT: Learn how to add more tools.


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