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Pro100 is an excellent tool if you are a cabinet  or closet maker. You can generate a cut list by just a simple click of a mouse once your project is complete. Up until now there have been two ways programs generate cut lists. One way was for the user to set up parameters in the program like Cabnetware, Cabinet Vision, Cabinet Solutions, etc or use formulas like in Pattern System and DecoTech. Both systems have there advantages and disadvantage. Both are not easy to set up depending on how you make your cabinets.

Cut List and Reports

Build a virtual cabinet the way you would in your shop. What you see is what you get, it is that simple. You build the cabinet using whatever method you want because when you create a part for your cabinet in Pro100, you are creating your cut list. It does not matter the construction standards you are using, if you follow some simple rules you can change the size of the cabinet and the cut list is updated. Download a cut list manual that will walk you step by step in this process.

How To Generate a Cut List

Step by step on how to generate cabinet cut list using Pro100 software

There are simple steps you must know before you start using Pro100 cut list feature: This applies to active users with full version license. Please note that this feature is unavailable in the demo-version.  Watch the tutorial videos or request a live demo session with one of our support members.

Cut List  Plus Gold Optimizer

This is a third party program that we sell together with PRO100 if you are a cabinet maker or you need to generate cut list. It works seamless with pro100 and will save you a lot of time and money. After you generate a cut list from pro100, you can import the csv file into the gold optimizer.

The program will determine the best way to cut your materials, that way you do not have to worry about buying too much or too little. It is a cost effective tool to have especially if you do a lot of custom work. You can also calculate your job costing which enables you to work within your budget


  • Export a parts list from Pro100 as a CSV file.
  • In CutList Plus, go to File>Import Parts... and select the CSV file you created in step 1.
  • Set up the CutList Plus Import Wizard as shown below, then click "Finish". 

For $295, you can purchase and get it installed today. Bundle this together with PRO100 to effectively achieve your goal. Read more detailed tutorials on the for Cut List Gold Optimizer. Since the data exported from Pro100 does not specify a material type for each part (i.e., rough lumber, dimensioned lumber or sheet good), Cut List Plus will figure it out based on your Raw Materials database. That means you must have already set up your Raw Materials list in Cut List Plus before importing the parts. The default value of the sheet is good.

PDF Guide | Cut List Gold Optimizer

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