Beginner's Guide

This page will walk you through the basic steps on how to use Pro100 as a beginner. We assume you already installed the program and ready to go. This applies to both demo and full versions.

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Cabinet Pricing

This program will let you price your cabinets per piece or linear footage or square footage. See the steps shown in the video below. 

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Angled Cabinets

Kitchens with unique layouts and design have their own sets of challenges. Choosing a corner base cabinet is the biggest challenge. 

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Job Costing | Cabinet Pricing Software

If you are a cabinet or closet maker, you definitely need a job estimating tool to calculate your project. Every job is different and so is the time spent to complete the task. An optimized cutting diagram can save you significant amount of time and money once you lay your hands on a good job costing software.

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Angled Walls Calculations

Angled walls can be a challenge, in fact, most walls are never right angles. For this reason, it is likely to run into problems during cabinet installation. Failure to complete a project on time can hurt good relationship with your client(s). You don't want that.

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