Cabinet Crown Molding

Cabinet Crown Molding

Crown molding can add tremendous value to just about any room within a building. It can be used in cabinets, baseboards and ceilings.

Learn how you can easily build any type of ceiling molding using profiles from manufacturer. Create parts and save them in your library.


Crown Molding Profile

Notice that the architectural details will permeate a lovely visual presence. The immediate aesthetic distinction is readily appreciated by the human eye.

We are excited to introduce a unique crown molding software that gives you the ability to manipulate, edit, design, and build desired furnishing style, great décor elements and much more.

Pro100 software is your crown molding solution, whether you want a contemporary, traditional or mid-century look. It can help you achieve detailed crown molding profiles, decorative trim beneath, while maintaining the desired angles. It is simply amazing.

It is easy assume that low ceilings such as 8 to 9-foot ceilings may not look pleasing with crown molding. However, crown moldings can produce beautiful framework around a freshly painted ceiling regardless of the height.

You can integrate the entire design process within the program. Use the room height measurement to determine the width of the crown molding. You can also create a library of profiles: stained, painted or left as is to show the natural look. Using Pro100 will let you design, and make the ceiling look higher by using high-gloss texture finish and other color schemes including matte finish effect to control lighting.

Customize your kitchen cabinets with elegant crown molding. Pro100 will let you present your project with solid hardwood crown in oak, maple or whatever wood material you desire.

Here is some common types of cabinet molding that you will be able to design using Pro100 software.

  • Fillers
  • Toe Kick Molding
  • Corner Molding
  • Riser or Starter Molding

Cabinet Crown Molding Video

Ceiling Crown Molding

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