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Kray Rendering | Pro100 Software

We are delighted to introduce a new refreshing and powerful tool called Kray. This is an add-on feature that interior designers and remodelers must consider adding to your arsenal.

Kray is a 3D rendering software that allows you to create realistic images of your projects. With Kray, you can see how your project will look before you even start construction. This is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to create beautiful and realistic interior designs. 

It greatly enhances your lighting effects of any given finished project. The program intelligently lights up the scene with just the right amount of light to bring about the natural and photorealistic images that we all love. The images are stunning! 
Depending on the properties of the materials, light is reflected, scattered, absorbed, refracted, etcetera., and the effect of the renderer's work is a perfect reflection of these processes in the visualization of the interior.

Kray Image Slideshow

See how crisp the images are in the following slideshows


Recent Images & Videos

Kray is perfect for tackling even the most challenging projects. Click on the link above to see some of the stunning images. 

How Kray Works

In simple terms, Pro100 has three types of light: solar, dispersed and halogen. It is a simple model of a very complex phenomenon. In this model shown below, for example, scattered light does not give a shadow, and the light ray encountering the object is not reflected from it.

The Kray Renderer, on the other hand, imitates all physical phenomena related to the preservation of light. We can observe soft shadows from scattered light, blurry reflections, distortions in transparent elements, etcetera. Please see the video below



The most important light for the user in Kray, as in reality, is scattered light. One could call them "daily". This kind of light falls into the room through the window and illuminates it throughout the day. The strength of the scattered light is "transferred" from the PRO100, but we can adjust it with the appropriate slider in the renderer interface. Learn how to do this using Pro100 full version.

Fluorescence is the source of light in Kray. It generates a source of scattered light by covering the element with a fluorescent material other than zero. In the example below, the light source is covered with a material with the properties shown in the picture. It is the only source of light in this room. In Pro100 this form of light is "visible" but it is not a source of light.The sunlight and halogen light known to us from Pro100 are transferred to Kray and are displayed according to the settings in the program. General strengthening or weakening of these phenomena is possible by means of appropriate sliders in the renderer window.

Room Design and Rendering

The visualization is much better compared to the original project. Make sure your virtual room is lit just like in reality. Reflection is as real as nature. If you don't Pro100 virtual wall turned on via the grid, use the "Walls" buttons in the renderer window. Notice when slide the buttons from left to right, the wall stops transmitting light.

It also means that the light from outside does not get through this wall. In the extreme case of all the walls covered with materials and all six buttons turned on, the room stays it is and there will be  no other light sources. It remains to be a black rectangle.

A good first step to getting high quality visualization is to build a corresponding reality, a really lit room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I get this feature when I purchase Pro100?
A. No. It is an add-on that is optional at $625.25 if you purchase separately

Q. Is it available on the demo?
A. No.

Q. Who uses this?
A. We highly recommend this add-on tool for interior designers, kitchen cabinet dealers and just about anyone who wants a nice presentation. It is a deal breaker for anyone bidding for a job.