Initial Setup 

Installation process is easy and should be flawless. Follow the prompt, and the check marks, click next to continue and finish. 
Launch Pro100 software by double clicking the icon on your desktop. You can also dock the icon on your taskbar if your desktop is already clustered like mine.

This page was created with the sole purpose of: -

- Introducing the software and its features
- Show you how to use the software by creating a project from scratch
- Offer tips and tricks for getting the most out of the software
- Answer common questions about the software
- Highlight unique or advanced features of the software
- Share a project made using the Cabinet Software

Learn how to add more tools. 

Let's build a 33-inch base corner  cabinet

The video below shows you some of the things you can do using Pro100

Visit Beginner's Guide Page

Pro100 is an easy-to-use everyday tool ideal for kitchen designs and layouts. It is popular in woodworking and the cabinetry industry as it gives a very vivid realistic representation of your creation. It is the perfect tool for bidding a job and ensuring compliance with the city’s code.
Design any shaped kitchen, whether it is U or L-shaped from wall to wall using our simple but highly efficient software.

Experiment with different designs from the existing library, whether you are working on flowing, appliances or simply sprucing up your kitchen space for presentation. Each component can be freely spaced on the floor by using the drag and drop feature. You can also try the 3D elevation and rendering features for a more realistic feel.


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