Running Pro100 software on a macOS


Yes, it is possible to run Pro100 on a Mac with the help of Boot Camp, which comes built-in on all Macintosh computers.

Boot Camp allows users to partition their hard drive and install Windows alongside macOS. Once Windows is installed, Pro100 can be downloaded and run on the Windows side of the computer.

It is important to note that while using Boot Camp is a viable option for running Windows software on a Mac, it does require additional setup and potentially taking up a significant portion of the computer's hard drive space. Additionally, switching between operating systems may not be as seamless as running the software on a natively supported OS. Read more below.

Important To Know:

Please be aware that Pro100 runs exclusively on Windows-based computers. While it is possible to run the program on a Mac through the installation of "Bootcamp,"  or "Virtualization" as explained below, it is not recommended. The program's full functionality may not be available due to differences in keyboard layouts. For the best experience with Pro100, we suggest running it on a Windows-based machine but if you have no other choice, please read on. 

If you do not have a Windows machine, we highly recommend a Macbook with Intell processor. The M1 processor architecture which is completely different from Intel, Pro100 may not run. Please check to see if you are able to install Pro100 demo version on your machine and able to run the program with no issues.



We recommend this option because there is no need to partition your hard drive. We also assume you love your Mac OS and probably have applications you frequently use. Please be sure you have at least 8GB of RAM for Pro100 to run smoothly. This is simply because you will be assigning resources. We can get into details once you make that decision. 

What do I need?

  1. Back up, back up, back up. We cannot stress this any better. Disasters are bound to happen with computers. Again, Apple has instructions on how to do this on their website.
  2. Time. Most of our clients using Pro100 just don't have the time because of the nature of the business. Please allocate enough time at least 2-4 hours to complete the process. Windows updates can take longer to download depending on your internet connection speed. 
  3. A full version of Windows, this is the installation media in ISO file or DVD form - not an upgrade version, please! Apple's new iMac comes without a built-in optical drive, the DVD form is not an option here.
  4. Download a copy of Windows 10 ISO and VMWare Fusion. Both companies provide 30 day trial or evaluation period prior to purchasing license, so you do not have to buy it right away. Notice USB 3.1 a.k.a. USB 3.1/gen2 doubles the transfer speed of USB 3.0 to 10Gbps. Please remember you will need to purchase license for VMware Fusion. Windows likes the one-license-on-one-computer rule, but we have heard customers use same license key from the host machine to install virtual machine without any issues. Otherwise you will need to purchase a new license.
  5. May be a cup of coffee. There will be idle time for it. I am addicted to pretzels.

Parallels Desktop//Apple's Boot Camp 

Jump right into the instructions - Install Windos on your Mac

To avoid any confusion here, virtualization is same thing as Parallels.  Question here is; should you run Parallel a.k.a Virtualization or Apple's Boot Camp? Remember, when you use Windows in Boot Camp, you will be shutting down the Mac OS and rebooting your Mac into Windows.

This can be distruptive if you are a heavy Mac user. Apple's in-built Bootcamp installs Windows in dual-boot configuration. The entire process is no where close to rocket science.

Basically Boot Camp makes it possible to run both operating systems, but you can only use one at a time. Obviously this can be frustrating if you are a busy bee. Before we continue, try to understand how it works, because there are also some drawbacks to consider.

For instance, when using Boot Camp, you will need to re-partition your hard drive which will take up your available space. Also, in order to use Windows, you will need to reboot and if you need something on the Mac, you will reboot again. The main advantage is that you are running Windows directly on the hardware.

This is why we recommend Parallels Desktop. The integration with OS X runs well. Please note that if you are running an older Mac from 2009 or earlier, installation for Windows 8 will fail due to Apple's hardware requirements. Otherwise, you can follow detailed instructions directly from the Apple's website on how to do this.

Please feel free to contact Pro100usa support team for a walk through especially if you are new to all this. There is absolutely no reason to panic if you plan things. We are not responsible for the damage you cause to your computer if not done correctly.

Don't Forget VMware Tools!

It is very important that you install VMware Tools in the guest operating system. Be sure to follow the instructions provided by VMWare company. These features will enable  full screen display and much more. We assume you need that.

Why do you we recommend VMWare company? Because it works.